The IPAC Value Package San Antonio TX

The IPAC Value Package includes all of the following, all for only $1,495:

Paint & Fabric Protection San Antonio Texas:

Helps protect against oxidizing
Helps protect against weathering
Helps protect the paint to look newer and better for longer
Helps keep vehicle newer and easier to clean
Extra protection against bird droppings and sap damage etc

Interior Fabric Protection San Antonio Texas

Helps protect against stains.
Helps keep interior cleaner and looking newer for longer
Helps protect against kids, coffee, soda & stains etc.

Locking Wheel Nuts San Antonio Texas

Helps protect wheels from theft

Window Tint San Antonio Texas

Helps keep vehicle cooler in hot temperatures
Helps shade passenger
Most customers put on tint after they buy a car anyway
Give security from people seeing whats inside
Lifetime warranty if original owner

Nitrogen San Antonio Texas

Tire pressure doesn't fluctuate with outside temperatures
Doesn't expand or contract, no tire light w/changing temperature
Promotes even-tire wear
Promotes better gas mileage
Prolongs life of tire.
Doesn't rot tire from inside-out like air

Mopar EVTS Gold Plan San Antonio Texas

E-Call 24/7 emergency service dispatch
Security Fence
Automatic theft notification
OnCall™ (on-board panic button)
Excessive speed notification
Arrival/Departure notification
Historic trace maps of vehicle’s past location
Online tracking (unlimited)
Full concierge service